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Joel Agarwal

Joel Agarwal


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Hi Joel,

Thanks for watching the quick tutorial video! Please see this link for tips and tricks and a few talking points.

In order to use your video we need you to provide FOIPP release. COPY the following statement:

“I am volunteering my time to film a ThankView video to assist the University of Alberta in its Donor and Alumni Relations program. I am aware that this video will be sent to donors and/or alumni that have supported the University of Alberta, and that the video may also be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook.”

CLICK the Reply button below and choose the Email Reply option and PASTE this statement in the box provided followed by your full name, ID number and date the video is filmed.  

Once you are ready to film your video you may then CLICK the Reply button again and select the Video Reply option you may record your video live or upload your pre-recorded video here. 

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to me, Annie Aguilar, alaguila@ualberta.ca the U of A's ThankView expert and she would be more than happy to help you.

Thanks for helping us with this video!



Anne-Marie Aguilar, BA
Stewardship Coordinator, Donor Relations
2017 CCAE- TD Insurance Fellow in Advancement
Office of Advancement
University of Alberta
780-909-0509 (c)

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